Doctors and Medical

Jobs Voyage Manpower Consultants provides doctors to the different hospitals in Saudi Arabia and Middle East.

Masson and Labour

At Jobs Voyage we provide labors to penetrate in the Middle East market, based on the demand of our esteemed clients.

Civil and Construction

Keeping in view the significance of construction staff we are always ready to meet the demand in timely manner.

Oil, Gas and Minning

Our focus is simple, clear, fast and comprehensive. Jobs Voyage provides the best staff in the field of Oil and gas.

Telecom and IT

Telecom, Mobile and Telecom industry is widely expanding middle east market and we have the best qualified staff.

Education and Training

We provide qualified and skilled teaching and training staff in Middle East offering their services in schools and institutes.

One solution to all the job queriesInfinite possibilities. Endless opportunities.


Jobs Voyage is a well-known Man Power Recruiting firm Established in the year of 2015. We offer services to facilitate recruitment at all hierarchical levels and functions. Our clients include top companies in diverse industries of UAE and the Middle East – Construction, Transportation, Hospitality, IT, Manufacturing, Services etc.

Our mission is to consistently deliver value to our clients, better than anyone else, through recruitment solutions and staffing services that enable efficient hiring of human resources of appropriate capabilities and qualities. We handle staffing assignments at all levels and in all functional areas to enable our clients recruit the right people.


Your prospective chance of being recruited as the most suitable candidate for any vacancy solely depends on the contents of your CV. The best your qualifications and experience match the employers’ requirements, the better your chances. The candidates should keep in mind that the highest qualification does not necessarily meet the accurate requirements for a specific vacancy.

Due to the variation in salaries between the countries and even between employers, no exact indication of a salary can be offered. Based on age, experience, qualifications, scarcity of skills and even your country of origin, might play a role in the salary offered. But salaries in these countries are of the highest in the world. When taken into account that your employer pays for your accommodation, air tickets, transport, and medical and the fact that no income tax is payable, you would expect a salary much higher that what you could earn in your country of origin or in any other country in the world.

Although salaries are normally negotiated in US$, you would almost all possibility to be paid in the currency of the respective country. Unlike with many currencies, the currencies of almost all the Arabian countries (including Saudi Arabia and the UAE), are fixed to the dollar and would not depreciate in value when compared to the US$. This actually means that when the Rand becomes “weaker”, you earn more money.

Of course the hard earned Money could be sent home by electronic transfer, either through a bank or a transfer agency. It actually takes two working days to have the money transferred into your home account. Transfer costs depends on the facility utilized, banks are virtually more costly than sub-standard transfer agencies.

When compared to most countries the cost of living is not that much higher in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia. While earning a modest salary, you must be able to save the largest portion of salary. The candidate should remember that employer pays for everything, all you have to spend for food and clothing. It is when you visit some tourist places that it could be expensive experience.



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